Jeanifer Youngky

Illustrator / Concept Artist


Kiiara, the main character of a group project titled, ‘Avallonis’.

A character from an upcoming short animation titled, ‘Doodies Call’.

Jago, a creature design for a visual development project titled “Daughter of the Moon”

Ndari, means Moonlight. She’s a character I created, for a project titled “Daughter of the Moon”

Rakit, a transportation that’s used by Ndari

Rantang (traditional lunchbox), a prop that I made for a project titled, “Daughter of the Moon”

Character designs for a visdev project

Byul, the star collector.

These are some concept designs I created for visual development classes and group projects during college. I mainly do characters because that’s what I’m fond of. I have uploaded some of the development sketches on my artstation, do check them out! :)

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